Book Review: We Who Are Alive and Remain

Untold Stories from the Band of Brothers by Marcus Brotherton

We Who Are Alive and Remain Marcus Brotherton gets to the heart of the men who served in Easy Co., 506th PIR, 101st Airborne, United States Army during World War II.

Untold Stories from the Band of Brothers simply had to be written. No disrespect to Stephen Ambrose, but there were simply too many stories to include in one book. Without Ambrose, none of the other books would have seen the light of day and a debt of gratitude goes to him.

But since then – and the subsequent HBO series – the men of Easy Co. have published their memoirs (or in the case of David Kenyon Webster, published posthumously).

These books are essential to 21st Century America. These men have a story to tell that will shape our country and our lives for years to come.

Marcus Brotherton has meticulously interviewed 20+ men that were not included in Ambrose’s book and does a great job of expanding the story. He brings the story to life – it is, after all a true story – and in bringing these men’s story to light, sheds new light and life on the stories we already know.

This book led me to Buck Compton’s book, which I will read and review next.


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