Book Review: Small Footprint, Big Handprint: How to Live Simply and Love Extravagantly by Tri Robinson

41FGWvrHU7L._SX160_ Simplify your life so you are ready to answer God’s call when it comes. That’s the gist of this book and it is a good idea. I oftentimes wonder what my family could do for God if we weren’t saddled with debt and could “up and leave” at a moment’s notice.

Tri Robinson makes the case that this is a good way to live. He also says that it is “eco friendly” and that caused me to pause for a moment. I wondered if I had started reading a “green, Christian” book.

But I was determined to give Tri the benefit of the doubt and I’m glad I did. The only thing I might disagree with him about is his stand on global warming, but he doesn’t really mention it till the very end. My personal belief is that not all the data is available to make a determination one way or another.

But that doesn’t make Tri’s message less important. Especially in these economic times we find ourselves in, it is very important to live simply. Not easily done, as he points out, but full of tremendous potential blessings and opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

There is an 8-week companion DVD Bible study that I will be using as a follow-up study for two groups at my church that are currently going through Patrick Morley’s “How to Survive the Economic Meltdown.”

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