Daddy’s Heroes – My Review

I am the father of three sons. I started reading to my oldest son at bedtime when he was just an infant. I started with “Good Night Moon” and that became a tradition with him until he was old enough to request new stories.

As his brothers joined him, I’ve read many different kinds of books. From classic Science Fiction (my favorite growing up), to fantasy, to classic literature (King Arthur, Treasure Island, etc.).

As time went on, it became a challenge to find books that keep my boys’ (now quickly becoming young men) interest.

Tom Garcia had the same challenges with his son. That’s why he decided to write a series he calls “Daddy’s Heroes.”

Tom’s publisher was kind enough to send me one of his books to review – “The 2004 Red Sox: The Curse is Broken.”

Written by Tom Garcia and Karun Naga it also features the wonderful illustrations by Jenifer J. Donnelly. It tells the story of the improbable 2004 playoff run of the Boston Red Sox at a level young children can follow and enjoy.

It also includes – at the end – the box scores for each of the games of the ALCS and World Series for mom and dad to enjoy.

I highly recommend Daddy’s Heroes to any mom or dad that wants to read – or start to read – to their children at a young age.

You can find out more and order books for Daddy’s Heroes at the Daddy’s Heroes website here.

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