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Episode 2 of the True Man Podcast Series – Leadership from the Biggest Brother – is now live!

True Man Podcast – Leadership From the Biggest Brother

An excerpt from the current podcast:

We need men of character, competence and courage more than ever in today’s world.

Men like Richard Winters – who was known to NOT “fraternize” with the local women while overseas serving in the army, drink alcohol (at all) while on leave, and did everything to a moral code that was based on the Bible.

He did this because he felt that being a man of good character was vital to the survival of himself and the men he led into battle. He didn’t know when he would be going into battle. It could have been at any moment – and often was “at any moment.” At least once he and his men were thrust into battle at a time when they least expected it. When the Nazi forces broke through the Allied lines in the Ardennes forest at Bastogne, Winters and his men were on leave in France. But because he was a man of character, he was ready to go at the moment he was ordered to go.

It is no different today. We must be ready at a moment’s notice to “go into battle.”

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