True Man Podcast – Episode 4: Stay in Top Physical Shape

Leadership from the Biggest Brother is the current series on the True Man Podcast here.

Here’s an excerpt:

The stories of soldiers in war strike a chord within me because as a disciple of Jesus Christ, I also am a soldier in war. The devil attacks with “flaming darts” (Ephesians 6), he prowls around (1 Peter 5), he makes war against us (Revelation 12). Not every attack by Satan is physical. Most of them are what we would call spiritual – they attack our faith, our relationship with Jesus Christ. But if we’re going to withstand these attacks, we’ll need to have physical and mental toughness.

Jesus is a great example and role model – He endured the most grueling punishment and death imaginable. He had to be in pretty good physical shape to have the stamina to endure it to the end.

I’m not, in any way, shape, or form, in top physical shape. But I have finally gotten serious about this.

Yesterday I walked just under three miles.

I also lifted weights, doing bicep curls, chest and squats.

I wrote this on the wall of my workout room at The Parsonage (we have chalk board walls):

For me and my family’s sake.

For God’s glory.

I encourage readers of this blog and followers of the True Man Podcast in joining me in getting into top physical shape

For our own sake (and our family’s) and for God’s glory!

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