Music Review – Dennis Hendricksen

A few weeks ago, Dennis emailed me – out of the blue – after reading one of my blogs about worship (actually it was this very post What We Do When We Do Church – Hymnody)

Dennis is a musician as well as a fellow Lutheran Pastor.

He sent me two of his CDs:

dv-cover-2015Dreams & Visions
Very Nearly a Whisper

He composes and performs the kind of music that I’ve been listening to all my life.

Some of it ambient electronic music that I like to listen to while praying and reading.

Some more progressive jazz-rock fusion that I like to listen to while I’m writing.

The CD Dreams & Visions also comes with a booklet of poems, quotations and Scripture readings – and a refrigerator magnet!

I think you should give a listen to Dennis’ music.

Go over to his website and check him out!

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