Book Review: Fully and Creatively Alive by Tom Eggebrecht

Tfully-and-creatively-alivehis book is a story book. But I don’t mean that it’s just a story book or a book of fairy tales.

Tom tells the stories of people he has met, worked with, and loves. He tells his own story as well.

And what a story all of this is!

That God has created us to be creative!

And that the world needs what we create!

In Tom’s book of stories, you will meet fashion designers, coffee shop owners, musicians, and actors. People from all walks of life that share a common element – they are fully and creatively alive!

Reading Tom’s book will inspire you to understand that you, also, are creative.

This book is highly recommended for those who are struggling to figure out what they are supposed to do with their lives. It is also for those who find themselves at a crossroads, trying to find which path to take.

This book will be a catalyst to motivate you to be fully and creatively alive.

You can purchase a copy via Amazon here.

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