Book Review – Tough Call by Matt Popovits

Welcome to life. It’s full of tough calls and scary decisions.

– Matt Popovits, Tough Call

That’s how Matt begins his little book on making big decisions.

And he should know. Starting out studying acting at the University of Michigan, Matt ended up at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis and is now a pastor.

He served a large church in Texas, on a large ministry team that was, according to his own admission, doing great things in a great way.

But then he was called by a little church in Queens, New York. They were, by most accounts, a dying congregation in the big city.

But not according to Matt. He saw potential. Better still, he saw that God was leading him to make a tough call. Uproot his young family from a thriving ministry and move thousands of miles away to the biggest city in America and basically restart a dying congregation.

How did Matt make this big decision, this tough call? Could we learn something from his experience in making our big decisions and tough calls?

That’s what Tough Call is all about. In this little book that takes about a hour to read you’ll find six points to ponder in making a tough call.

God however sees us through the lens of Jesus Christ as as a result promises to always give us what we need: his love.

– Matt Popovits, Tough Call

If you’ve ever anguished over making decisions, wondering if you’ve made the right decision or how to recover from making a bad decision, then I highly recommend you pick up Matt’s book.

tough-callYou can purchase it from Amazon by clicking on the book.

Note: This is a review of the Kindle version of Matt’s book.

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