And the king went up to the house of the Lord, and with him all the men of Judah and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the priests and the prophets, all the people, both small and great. And he read in their hearing all the words of the Book of the Covenant that had been found in the house of the Lord. 2 Kings 23:2

In a previous devotion called Candles, I explored how candles and candlelight or lamps and lamplight can represent Jesus Christ and what he has done for us.

Another thing lamps can represent is the Word of God.

Psalm 119:102 says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Because our world has been darkened by sin and we need illumination, God has given us his Holy Word.

Just as a candle or lamp can bring light to a darkened room, so words can bring light to a darkened mind and soul.

Whether poetry or prose, fiction or non-fiction, words can illuminate a life.

“Four score and seven years ago….”

“When in the course of human events.…”

“We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.…”

“I have a dream….”

Words have inspired people, motivated them, and have changed the world.

This should come as no surprise as it was God’s words that created all things in this world, as recorded in Genesis 1.

It was the power of words that sparked the Reformation in the 16th Century. Martin Luther – a 16th Century professor of theology in Germany – put pen to paper and wrote words that would begin to bring the world back to God’s Holy Word and the salvation that it brings.

And today, in the churches that bear his name like mine – St. Matthew Lutheran Church – God’s Word is prominent in our worship services.

in-the-church-6-lecturnWe even have a special location from where God’s Word is read and it is called a “lectern.”

The word “lectern” comes to us from the medieval Latin word “legere” which means, simply enough, “to read.”

But there is nothing really simple about the reading of God’s Word.

Whenever God’s Word is read and heard, it has the power to transform a life! There are several stories about atheists and agnostics that have sat down to read the Bible in order to prove it wrong and useless only to come away converted to Christianity! (I wrote about one such story in the first edition of “In My Father’s Footsteps” in a devotion called “That Little Book.”)

Very often, just reading the Bible or hearing it read will have great effect on a life.

But sometimes God will use the reading of the Bible accompanied with someone expounding on what is read – like the story of the deacon Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch that is recorded in Acts 8.

That’s what we’ll explore in the next devotion called “Pulpit.”

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