In My Father’s Footsteps Vol. 3 – Journey to Calvary

Journey to Calvary  was originally published by Lutheran Hour Ministries in 2003. They have graciously given me permission to republish the original work in this series of devotions from True Men Ministries.

You can purchase a paperback copy of Journey to Calvary here. The Kindle version is here. If you buy the paperback you get the Kindle version FREE!

Here’s a sample:

During a Lenten season a couple of years ago, our church had a Bible Study about the death of Jesus. It was a good study except for one little detail. In the videos that we saw, the leader would refer to Jesus as “dying for the redeemed.” What he meant was that Jesus’ death and resurrection was not for all people, but rather only for those who will actually believe, have faith, in Jesus. John 3:16 says that Jesus died for the whole world. Jesus died for all people! And because of Jesus’ death, God has “covered” our sins. Or to put it another way, God doesn’t count our sins against us.

But then how can Jesus die for all people and yet some people still go to hell? The answer is that they reject what Jesus did for them. This is what the Psalm calls a “spirit of deceit.”

A spirit of deceit rejects the death of Jesus. Rejection of the death of Jesus leads to hell. Our Journey to Calvary is about living! We want to live. Don’t deceive yourself. Sin kills. Sin leads to death. But Jesus died and rose again for all people. Including you! He died and rose for you to give you eternal life! May you be blessed and not deceive yourself, for Jesus’ sake.


Try to find ways in which God has blessed you because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.


Heaven Father, You have blessed us through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Keep us from all deceit so that we may be called “blessed” all our lives. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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