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He may fight with his brothers at times, but he’d fight for them all the time!

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.
1 John 3:1

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If you are a teammate of Eddie you better not wear your baseball cap backwards, askew, or any other way that can convey a message of apathy towards the team.

Eddie takes being a member of his team seriously. Just about everything he does is done to help the team and make the team better.

His workouts, his private training, the team practices, even going to class and getting good-to-great grades all are reflections of his loyalty toward his team.

He is also there for every member of his team. If they are in need of a helping hand, he is there for them. If they need help with homework, he’ll do what he can. If they need someone to talk to, he’s there. You’ll find no greater teammate than Eddie!

Eddie is also just as serious about his family. He may joke around and razz his brothers, but woe to the person outside the family that does it.

He may fight with his brothers at times, but he’d fight for them all the time!

He is there for the family whenever he is needed. Even though he lives away at school, when he’s home, he’s with the family at dinner and at devotion time. When he’s home on Sunday mornings, he’s sitting with his mother and brothers in the family pew during church.

Faith, family, then friends & teammates. That’s the order of importance for Eddie.

Eddie is a Christian. He first learned about Jesus in his family. He heard the Gospel story from his mom and dad. He went to church every week with his parents and brothers. He reads his devotion, Bible, and prays every day.

That’s the way the family of faith is.

This all comes from the love the Father has given to us.

Even though we are all conceived and born sinful, God the Father loves us. Even though we are, by nature, enemies of God, he still loves us.

In Christ, God forgives our sins and brings us back into his family.

In the waters of Holy Baptism, we are made sons and daughters of God.

That special event of water and the Word of God made us a part of the family of God and there is no greater family.

But all other families find their greatest model in God’s family. The love of family is an echo of the love God has for us.

A family that has faith in Jesus Christ is the first experience of church – the family of God – that most people have.

And the family that participates in weekly worship together is a strong family. They are also a family filled with joy. Not necessarily happy all the time – who is? – but filled with the joy of Christ and the purpose and love of God.

But what about those who do not have a family? The widow or the orphan?

In Jesus Christ, no one is without family. The widow has the Church. The orphan has the Church.

In the Church, we are all family because we are all children of God, loved by the Father eternally in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Heavenly Father, thank you for my family – earthly and Church – that gives me your eternal love; in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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