The Created Gifts of God

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1

When I Created a Telegraph Project

When I was ten years old I was a Cub Scout. I enjoyed scouting and had a great den and leader. We met once a month and participated in various activities like hiking, playing softball, bowling, and crafts.

I think bowling was my favorite activity in the winter and softball in the summer.

But one pack meeting stands out in my mind above all the rest.

Our den was to participate in a pack meeting and present crafts we each had been working on over the last month.

My craft was to create a battery-operated telegraph system.

I had several blocks of wood to which I attached metal nails and strung copper wire between them. I had a two “D” batteries and made a power pack out of them and connected them to the wire.

I made a switch on one end and an electromagnet pole beneath a piece of metal on the other. When I closed the switch, the metal plate was drawn down to the nail, that was now a magnet, and a “click” could be heard.

I had created a telegraph. Crude and not very powerful, but it was the same concept as Samuel Morse’s 1847 patent.

Both my father and my grandfather helped me research the concept and build the telegraph.

I remember that it took me more time than I anticipated setting up at the pack meeting and I was getting frustrated, as were the judges. At first it didn’t work because I was rushing through the set up and didn’t connect the wires correctly.

But my dad calmed me down and I eventually was successful in presented my telegraph to the den.

Relying on Someone Else’s Creation

In order to make my telegraph, I had to rely on someone else’s idea and concept – in this case Samuel Morse. I also had to rely on existing materials – wood, nails, wire, batteries. Finally, I had to have help – lots of help – from my dad and grandfather in putting together the contraption.

I didn’t have the knowledge on my own to be able to put together a telegraph – I was only ten years old, remember!

Creating the materials was also not in my abilities. I’m not God, after all.

All Created Things are from God

God created the materials that I used. He also gave me the ability and imagination to come up with the idea to put it together. My dad and grandfather were also gifts from God that helped me with my project, as was Samuel Morse!

Left to my own, I couldn’t do it. With the gifts God had given me – imagination, materials, family, and inventors, I could!

Using What God Created

Everything around me is from God. The monitor I’m looking at as I type these words. The sun shining in the sky giving light to my part of the world right now. Even the very air that I breath in and out as I write this – these are all gifts from God given to me to use.

However, these are not just random gifts. God provides these gifts to me to use for a reason. He provides the same gifts to you, also.

That reason is to bring him glory and to serve our neighbor. All that God created is a gift to us for those reasons.

The sad reality is that we don’t use these gifts for these reasons all the time. Selfishly, we use the gifts for our own gain and pleasure. When that gain and pleasure contradict God’s plan and purpose for us, we call that sin.

The greatest gift of God deals with this, and all, sin – the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. The Gospel and the forgiveness it gives us is God’s great gift to us that is totally from him alone.

By the power of the Holy Spirit working through Word and Sacrament, I receive the greatest gift of God.

And by the same power, I can use the other gifts of God as he intends them: for his glory and for my neighbor’s welfare.


Heavenly Father, thank you for your creation. I pray that I will use your gifts to bring you glory and to help my neighbor. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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