Video: TED Talk – Be Humble and other lessons learned from the philosophy of water

What Can We Learn from Water?

How do we find fulfillment in a world that’s constantly changing? We can learn a lesson from water!

Raymond Tang is not a Christian. He learns something from the Tao Te Ching that he calls “the philosophy of water.”

But when he reads “the supreme good” I immediately think of God, the Father Almighty! This philosophy from the Tao Te Ching influenced Taoism and Buddhism.

But I believe it is an echo of Biblical theology, an echo that is heard in the human heart because God’s Law is written on the heart.

Leonard Sweet wrote in his book AquaChurch

Water is a liquid that fills the shape of any receptacle. As long as we trust the water and don’t tamper with the recipe – don’t dilute it, thicken it, or separate its ingredients – the content can remain the same while containers change.
Leonard Sweet, AquaChurch 1999

Humility, Harmony, Openess

How do we find fulfillment in a world that’s literally changing as fast as we can think, or maybe even faster?
Raymond Tang, TED Talk 2017

Again, Raymond Tang doesn’t appear to be a Christian. But I think Christians can hear a lot of things they can agree with in his TED Talk. Let me know what you think!

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