Video: TED Talk – Leaping from the Stratosphere

Nothing Is Impossible With the Right Team

I believe that God created us to always be on a “team.”

That can mean your family, your friends, or your spouse. When it is the right one, – whether at home or at work – nothing is impossible!

It may be very, very hard, but certainly not impossible.

… nothing is possible without an amazing team of people.
Alan Eustace, TED2015

Of course, I also believe that with God nothing is impossible – and so, God is the most important team member!

In this TED Talk from TED2015, Alan Eustace tells his story of jumping from 135,000 feet above the surface of the earth. From the moment his feet left the ground until he was back on the ground, he was alone – except that he wasn’t! He was the only one in the suit, yes, but those on the ground were with him every step of the way!

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