Guest Post from Keith Haney

This post from my brother-in-Christ Keith is awesome.

I was there when the votes were tallied. Mine was also one of those votes!

Both men – Keith and Allan – are friends of mine that I have known for nearly 30 years.

I talked to several people about the election and I see that there are at least two ways to look at this.

  1. With the vote being so close, it means that we area deeply divided church here in the Northern Illinois District.
  2. With the vote being so close, it means that the church here in the Northern Illinois District is very close on its direction of ministry.

Those are two opposite ways to look at this, but I think #2 is the correct one. I know both men and while they talk differently, look different, and serve in different capacities, they both have a passion for Jesus Christ and the proclamation of His Gospel. They both have a deeply rooted love for the Church and for helping people live in the Kingdom of God.

I thank God for both Keith and Allan and pray that they both will continue to serve Him and the Church well and faithfully!

Learning to trust in the plans and the future God has already laid out.

via Within A Hair of History — The Light Breaks Through

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