Journey to Calvary – In My Father’s Footsteps, Volume 3

A Book of Devotional Stories

Journey to Calvary can be used as a daily devotional for the Season of Lent, starting with Ash Wednesday and culminating with Easter Sunday. Originally published in 2016, Journey to Calvary has been updated to reflect the growing number of volumes in the In My Father’s Footsteps series of devotional books from Ed Blonski and True Men Ministries. This devotion book is based on a book of devotions originally published by Lutheran Hour Ministries in 2003.

Ed Blonski began writing devotions – using stories – in 1998 (or so) – and started compiling them in paperback book and e-reader form in 2016.

To date there are five volumes in this book series. Below is one of his favorites from volume 3.


The Day of Palms

But You, O lord, be not far off; O my Strength, come quickly to help me. Rescue me from the mouth of the lions; save me from the horns of the wild oxen.
Psalm 22:19,21

For centuries this Sunday in Lent has been known as “Palm Sunday.” In Latin, Palmarum. Each of the Sundays in Lent have been opportunities for us to rest. Each Sunday has also be a time to remember that Jesus did rise from the dead three days after His death on the cross.  A death He endured to save us from our sins. This Sunday you can remember this as a time to rejoice and sing! You can show expression in a way that you may never have thought of before!

“Praise the Lord!”

This is what the cry “hosanna” means. In worship this Sunday, you hear this word. It is a word that you probably don’t use all that often in everyday conversation! In worship this morning, you saw the waving of palm branches in joy. This is to remember that on the Sunday before Jesus’ death, the people spread palm branches and coats and other things on the ground so that the one who comes in the name of the Lord does not walk on mere dirt. Palm Sunday is a day to rejoice at the coming of Jesus Christ. It is also a day to remember why He came in the first place. He came to take the punishment we deserved because of our sins.

The Psalm for today is a cry to God for Him to “be not far off.” Not far off in our distance is the cross. You see, the Lord is not far off. You can almost “see” Him on that lonely hill called Calvary. The “Strength” of God – the Son of God – gave it all up for us to save us from our sins. Our cries of praise – Hosanna! – today take on special meaning when we see that lonely hill off in the distance. As you look at that lonely hill in the distance, praise the Lord because He came to make the journey to that cross for you.


Read through Mark’s Passion History of Jesus Christ. (Mark 14-15).


Heavenly Father. Do not be far from me. Answer my prayer. Forgive me all my sin. Restore to me the joy that is the theme of each Sunday. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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