First Witness

Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord”—and that he had said these things to her.
John 20:18

The First Witness

Mary had a rough life.

She was described as having “seven demons.” That must be a tough way to live!

It isn’t clear if this meant that she was actually demon possessed or that she was totally absorbed by a psychological or physical malady.

Either way, Jesus showed her love. He healed her. This we know from both Luke 8 and Mark 16.

Her response to this healing was to first follow Jesus as one of the extended disciples and then – perhaps more importantly – to serve as the apostle to the apostles!

Luke tells us that she was one of several women who used their means to provide for Jesus and the Twelve. Many believe this meant they were wealthy.

But Mary is best known for being the first person to see Jesus alive after his crucifixion.

God’s Love For Us

Mary knew God’s love for her because that love was manifested in Jesus healing her.

But when she saw first-hand that Jesus had died and was buried, she could have given up on God right then and there.

Jesus was gone. Dead and buried. Never to come back.

But Mary had faith that God’s love for her meant something else.

So, she came back to the tomb early on the first day of the week – three days after Jesus’ death.

She saw that the tomb was empty.

Then she saw Jesus face-to-face.

She saw God’s love for her face-to-face.

Our Love For Others

This was good news for Mary.

It was also too good to keep to herself. Jesus tells her to tell others, starting with the disciples.

So, she runs back into town and tells them.

She has seen Jesus. Mary has become the first witness.

She has been sent by Jesus to the other disciples. There will be other witnesses.

Jesus sends her (making her an apostle) to tell the others that they are to be sent.

That makes Mary the “apostle to the apostles.”

Interestingly, we never hear about Mary again.

Unless you count the stories of her marrying Jesus and bearing his child. A child who begins the Merovingian dynasty of early French kings. Since this contradicts Scripture, I don’t hold to this story as true.

But Mary does influence many today. As the “first witness” of the resurrection, she no doubt told everyone she would meet about Jesus from that day forward.

That we never hear of her again, until some dubious (at best) stories that begin 1200 years later, tells me that her witness was all about Jesus and not centered on herself.

And that is the way our witness of Jesus should be!

We can tell of God’s love for us. Tell the story of how Christ saved us.

But always – always – let the story focus and center on Christ alone.

That was what the First Witness did.

And that is what we should do, as well.


Heavenly Father, your Son, Jesus Christ, restored Mary Magdalene to health and called her to be the first witness of His resurrection. Heal us from all our infirmities and call us to know you in the power of your Son’s unending life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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