Podcast – The Changing of the Season

True Man Podcast featuring Ed Blonski – The Change of the Season

Other than Thanksgiving-to-Christmas, Autumn is my favorite season of year! The shorter days, crisper temperatures, and the vibrant colors of the trees make this time of year my favorite to go out and take long walks in the forest preserves around my home.

The changing of the seasons, especially summer into fall, are a vivid reminder that time is forever moving. And the older I get the faster the time seems to move!

But the changing of the seasons also reminds me that we all live our lives “seasonally.” For example, I’m in a different season than my sons who are nearly 30 years younger than me.

Being able to identify the season of life I’m in helps me to relate to my sons and to help them get through the season of life they are in.

That’s part of my thoughts on this episode of the True Man Podcast.

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