Music from the Manger – New Christmas Book

Music from the Manger – New Book by Ed Blonski from True Men Ministries.

This book of Christmas devotional stories contains twenty previously published stories and seventeen new stories.

That’s 37 stories, which makes it possible – but not necessary – to read one devotional story a day starting December 1 and completing on January 6 – the entire holiday season!

Some of these stories re-tell of how the beloved Christmas carol  or hymn came to be. Others re-tell the old, old, story of God’s love for us in the birth of his Son, Jesus Christ.

You can hear an audio version of these stories, and an original arrangement of each song by Richard Souther, on The True Man Podcast starting December 1, with a new song & story each day through January 6.

Richard provided an original arrangement of the hymn O Jesus Christ, Thy Manger Is just for the podcast! Dr. Ken Kosche composed the tune (© 1996 Kenneth T. Kosche). I’m honored and humbled, thank you both!

I pray you will enjoy these devotional stories. I would love to hear from you! You can email me at and you can also find me on Facebook as well as follow me on Twitter @edblonski.

Kindle version of Music from the Manger is $0.99 and available here.

Paper back version of Music from the Manger is $7.99 and available here.

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