Journey to Calvary

“Inquire of God, please, that we may know whether the journey on which we are setting out will succeed.”

Judges 18:5
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Let’s Take a Journey

Journeys can be exciting. They usually involve a long trip to a far away and exotic place.

Let’s you and I take a journey. It will take 47 days. We will be journeying to a little hill outside of Jerusalem. It will be a trip across time and space. We will travel to the mount they call Calvary and to an event that happened almost 2000 years ago.

There, on a cross, Jesus Christ died to forgive all your sins.

An Exotic Trip

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There was a time when a journey would include a suitcase covered with stickers from exotic locations like “Timbuktu,” “Shanghai,” or “Casablanca.” Our trip will bring us to places such as “Invocavit,” “Oculi” and “Palmarum.”  These are the names of the Sundays in Lent that the Church has used for many, many centuries.

For our travels, we will be looking at portions of Psalms used for centuries during the Season of Lent. These Lenten Psalms have inspired and comforted billions of Christians in their journey through life.

When we come to the exotically named Sundays, we are reminded that they are not actually a part of the Lenten Season. They are our “respite” days, days of rest.

Why Make This Trip?

You may be asking yourself “Why should I do this?” A friend or someone you know may have directed you to this devotional and you told them you’d give it a try. I’m glad they did and I’m glad that you did!

Lent as a journey is not one of my original thoughts. I first experienced this idea in 1994 when my pastor used the theme for that year’s Season of Lent at my church. It was a life-changing experience for me.

Covering a Lot of Time and Space

At the beginning of Lent, which usually starts in February or early March, it’s still winter time. No leaves on the trees, not a lot of green, especially in the northern part of the US. When Lent comes to an end with the celebration of Easter, spring is just about in full bloom.

Creation moves through Lent from the dead of winter to the beginning of life in spring.

You and I are invited by God to make the same journey. With Ash Wednesday and the focus on our lives “dead in sin” we travel through Lent to the place where our sin was forever taken away with the death of Christ. But our trip will not end at Calvary. We push on to three days beyond to where our new life, our new creation was given to us – Easter Sunday!

A Daily Journey

Over the next couple of weeks, this devotion will be taken from an every-day devotion called Journey to Calvary because our Lent is meant to be traveled daily. Every day we experience the problem of sin in our lives. Some days are better than others, but every day sin touches our lives. We need Jesus Christ every day.

You can get your copy of Journey to Calvary in paperback or for your e-reader here.

As you Journey to Calvary this Lent, it is my prayer that you will find that the sins that weigh you down in life have been taken care of by Jesus Christ with His death and resurrection. Our Journey to Calvary will be a journey from death to life in Jesus Christ.


Heavenly Father, as I prepare for this journey, I pray that you will touch my heart and strengthen my faith. I pray for insight into the journey Jesus made to forgive all the sin of all the people of all time – including me! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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