The Waiting

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I wait for You, O LORD; You will answer, O Lord my God.

Psalm 38:15

The Waiting

When I was a little kid, it seemed like Christmas took forever to arrive. The early snow in November set in motion the anticipation for Christmas. And it took soooo long! Now, as an adult, it seems like Christmas arrives so quickly! I never seem to have enough time to get everything ready and I’m so rushed I can hardly enjoy the holiday!

When Will God Answer?

When we pray, it can seem like we’re kids and God takes sooo long to answer our prayer. The psalm captures that anticipation. But it also gives great comfort in stating the fact that God does answer. There’s no doubt about it. God will answer. How can we know for sure? Again the Psalm gives the answer. Because God is Lord. He is master of all and in charge of everything and all powerful.

Waiting on the Lord? Know this, He will answer – for Jesus’ sake.


As we await the coming of Easter – only one more month! – take a moment to thank God for hearing us when we pray.

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Heavenly Father, hear me as I pray. Give me patience to wait for Your answer. Give me confidence that You will answer, for Jesus’ sake, amen. © 2019 True Men Ministries

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