So my spirit grows faint within me; my heart within me is dismayed. I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all Your works and consider what Your hands have done. 

Psalm 143:4-5
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Remembering His Last Week

Everything He had been doing for the past three years has been leading up to this last week. And now He was at the last night. So much to say, so much to do. It would not surprise me if this portion of Psalm 143 was going through Jesus’ mind on that last Thursday evening.

Remembering the Past

He is in a room that is lit by oil lamps. It is just after sunset. The air is cool but refreshingly so. Jesus is with His closest friends – His disciples. They are celebrating the Jewish Festival of Passover. They are remembering the Exodus of the Children of Israel. Under the leadership of Moses, the Children of Israel left Egypt.

Memorial Meal … and So Much More

Jesus would tell this story again to His disciples. They would also eat what the Children of Israel ate that night. Jesus would have prepared roasted lamb and bread made without yeast. They would drink water and also wine. During this celebration, one that they all had been through each year since they were little children, Jesus added something new.

Body & Blood

His hands broke the bread and passed it out to His disciples, saying that it was His body. And His hands held up the cup and He announced that the wine it held was now His blood.

These hands that broke bread and held the cup would, 12 hours later, be nailed to a cross. Body broken by nails. Blood shed.



Love One Another

The Passover Celebration was a time to remember what happened in the past – how God loved His people so much that He set them free from slavery. The supper that Jesus gave us is a time to remember that because He loves us so much He set us free from the slavery of sin. At this meal, Jesus told us to “love one another” and then showed us how. He gave us the gift of the Lord’s Supper. The next day, He showed the extent of His love by dying for us on the cross.

Remember His Great Love

Each time we come together in worship to celebrate the Lord’s Supper; we do so at Jesus’ bidding. “Do this in remembrance of me.” And so we remember His great love for us.

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Attend worship tonight. If you’ve never taken the Lord’s Supper at the church you attend, talk with the pastor beforehand (you may want to arrive a little earlier than usual).


Heavenly Father, may I never forget the love of Jesus. On the night before His death, He showed great love to me. Help me to show love to others. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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