The Capstone

So the honor is for you who believe, but for those who do not believe, “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,” and “A stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense.” They stumble because they disobey the word, as they were destined to do.

1 Peter 2:7-9
Image by Steve Howard from Pixabay

Note: My thanks to Pastor Ben Squires who told this story of the capstone at a gathering of pastors in April of 2019.

The Building Site

What a project! It had been going on for years and years and years! This was no ordinary building! This was going to be a magnificent structure! It would be built to last forever!

People would come to it from around the world. It would be the talk of the nation! This building would be the hallmark of their people!

At the beginning of the project there was a huge dedication ceremony.

Unveiled at the center of the gathering was the capstone. It would be the final piece of the building. This capstone would truly be the piece that brought the entire building together.

The entire building would be constructed around it so that at the end it would fit perfectly and carry the weight of the building.

It was beautiful and ornate. This capstone was kept in a class case and put on display to remind everyone what they were working towards.

The End is in Sight

After decades of work, the end of the project was finally in sight.

The building was massive. It was beautiful. Thousands of people had worked on this project. The foremen and executives of the building firm were seen as celebrities. They were also well-respected and held in high-esteem because of the work being done.

The day was arriving soon when the building would be complete. With all the major – and 99% of the minor – work done, it was time to take the capstone out of the case and put it in place in the building.

This was done a week ahead of the scheduled completion ceremony. The case was removed. A crane was brought in to lift the capstone.

The completion committee was waiting for the capstone to be swung over to the scaffolding so they could drop it in its place.

The Capstone Doesn’t Fit!

And just as they were lowering it into place, the foreman’s face went ashen. The builders behind him had looks of horror on their faces.

The capstone didn’t fit!

How could this be? They were supposed to have been measuring everything in the building in order that the capstone would be a perfect fit!

But it wasn’t. This capstone didn’t fit the building they had constructed.

So now the race was on to find one that would.

Stumbling over One Stone

They started placing any stone that looked like it would fit. But one by one each stone was rejected because it was either too big, too small, the angles were incorrect, and a slew of other reasons.

Then something strange began to happen on the ground. As they scrambled to find a capstone that would fit, workplace injuries began to increase.

Twisted ankles and strained knees went on the rise.

It would soon discovered that all the injuries were caused by the workers tripping over one particular piece of stone lying on the ground in front of the building.

The Loud Mouth

One of the reasons they discovered this was because some loud-mouth had appeared on the construction site. He kept bellowing warnings about stumbling over the stone. He loudly warned them that they were doing things wrong in trying to find the perfect capstone among their debris.

At first he was just a nuance. But after a time, he really began to make the foremen and executives mad.

They finally had him arrested and removed from the construction site – permanently.

Still they couldn’t find a capstone that fit. They looked and looked and then they ran out of time.

The dedication day of the building was three days away.

A group of workers – some who had known the loud-mouth well – suggested they try the stone that everyone had been stumbling over.

The foremen and executives were incensed and outraged. How dare you suggest you know better than us! They ran the group off and, in a fit of fury, smashed the stone they suggested into pieces.

It Fits!

This group of workers came back three days later. They took the pieces of the smashed stone and fit them back together. They then lifted the stone that had caused so many injuries. They brought it to the place where the capstone would be inserted.

And it fit perfectly!

The building was complete – with a smashed and restored capstone.

And it still stands today. Drawing all people to it. Giving shelter, wisdom, encouragement, and peace to everyone who enters.


Lord Jesus, You are the stone that the builders rejected. But on the third day, You became the cornerstone. By Your Word and Spirit, open my heart to receive You as the beloved Son sent from the Father so that I might always embrace suffering as the means by which I enter into Your glory; In your name I pray. Amen.

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