Garbage In Garbage Out

The “In My Father’s Footsteps” devotions will return in September of 2019. Enjoy this devotion from the archives!

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So then each of us will give an account of himself to God.

Romans 14:12

How do you feel?








How you feel is directly linked to what is going on inside your body and your mind. Sometimes it is uncontrollable – a disease, virus, or genetic condition – and needs to be administered medication under the care of a competent doctor.

Garbage In Garbage Out

But sometimes it is due to the fact that garbage is put into the body and the mind.

Things that aren’t good for either.

That can be controlled by exchanging garbage for good.

What constitutes garbage? One way to look at it is that garbage is anything that isn’t good for the body or the mind. Soda pop, potato chips, chocolate candies – these are of very little value to a human body and can directly affect how a person feels.

The garbage that we feed into our minds through our eyes and ears are things like pornography, violence, caustic talk, sarcastic humor – these things have no value to our mind. In fact, studies show that they are actually harmful to our minds.

But another way to describe garbage is anything that isn’t of God or points us to give glory to God alone. Anything that takes our attention away from God is garbage – not good for the mind or the body.

Filling Our Harts and Minds

What we need to do is fill our minds and hearts with God – through God’s Word and through the Sacraments His gives to us.

Read the Bible every day. Pray to God constantly. Worship the Lord with all your heart each week. Repent of yours sins. Receive the forgiveness that is yours through the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.

Martin Luther Weighs In

Recently I read Martin Luther’s sermon about the importance of hearing and reading God’s Word. In typical Luther fashion, he writes bluntly:

Know, therefore, that you must be concerned not only about hearing, but also about learning and retaining God’s Word in memory. Do not think that this is optional for you or of no great importance. Think that it is God’s commandment, who will require an account from you [Romans 14:12] about how you have heard, learned, and honored His Word.

Likewise, those fussy spirits are to be rebuked who, after they have heard a sermon or two, find hearing more sermons to be tedious and dull. They think that they know all that well enough and need no more instruction…. This is a malignant, dangerous plague with which the devil bewitches and deceives the hearts of many so that he may surprise us and secretly take God’s Word from us [Matthew 13:19] [Luther’s Large Catechism, paragraphs 98-99, Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions – A Reader’s Edition of the Book of Concord, pages 369-70]

If you want to feel better – at least in your soul – feed it with God’s Word daily. It may just do wonders for your entire body as well!


Heavenly Father, fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may fill my heart and mind with the good of your Word. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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