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16 And the Lord said to Moses, “Behold, you are about to lie down with your fathers. Then this people will rise and whore after the foreign gods among them in the land that they are entering, and they will forsake me and break my covenant that I have made with them. 17 Then my anger will be kindled against them in that day, and I will forsake them and hide my face from them, and they will be devoured. And many evils and troubles will come upon them, so that they will say in that day, ‘Have not these evils come upon us because our God is not among us?’ 18 And I will surely hide my face in that day because of all the evil that they have done, because they have turned to other gods. 19 “Now therefore write this song and teach it to the people of Israel. Put it in their mouths, that this song may be a witness for me against the people of Israel. 20 For when I have brought them into the land flowing with milk and honey, which I swore to give to their fathers, and they have eaten and are full and grown fat, they will turn to other gods and serve them, and despise me and break my covenant. 21 And when many evils and troubles have come upon them, this song shall confront them as a witness (for it will live unforgotten in the mouths of their offspring). For I know what they are inclined to do even today, before I have brought them into the land that I swore to give.” 22 So Moses wrote this song the same day and taught it to the people of Israel.

Deuteronomy 31:16-22


A “warrior-poet” is a phrase from the last scenes in the movie “Braveheart.” It describes a man who not only fights for what is right and willing to give his very life for good, but also is not afraid of tenderness.

St. George is a good example – he slays dragons and helps with the birth of his children. Other examples are Robin Hood, William Wallace, and King Arthur. Today, Hollywood has given us the modern-day examples – Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, and King Aragorn.

Moses is a “warrior-poet.” For 40 years he has fought for (and with) the Children of Israel and has also composed great songs – his last one commissioned by God in this chapter of Deuteronomy.

This was Joshua’s example for 40 years.

Joshua’s Lesson to Us

We know why Israel had to wander for 40 years – due to their disobedience and not listening to Caleb and Joshua when they spied out the land. But Joshua also needed those 40 years to prepare him for his leadership of Israel.

“You have also failed to recognize that Wulder fills you with what you need when you need it. What is within you at this moment is not sufficient to meet a need that will not arise until forty years hence.”

Dragonknight, Donita K. Paul, page 295

God does not give us what we need now for something that will happen 40 years in the future. He gives us what we need now to go through the 40 years to be ready to do what He calls us to do then.

The Battles We Fight

The battles we are called to fight are the battles against the evil that is railing against us, led by Satan. He attacks to tear us down – ruin our marriages with temptations of lust and selfishness, ruin our families with temptations of disobedience and anger. We fight – not in, but for our marriages, for our children. And all the while, Christ fights for us. He fought the good fight and saved our souls by forgiving our sins with His death. He put us on the battlefield of a war already won! We march already victorious into battle.

Questions to Consider

  1. Have you ever wanted to do something before you were ready to do it?
  2. If yes, how did you know you weren’t ready? Did you know before or as a result of failure?
  3. What do you want to do in your life? Is this what God has called you to do?
  4. Identify things that God has put into your life that are preparations for what you have been called to do.


Jesus said, “So no one can become my disciple without giving up everything for me” (Luke 14:33). Joshua was obedient to his calling by Moses and by God. He didn’t ask questions; he was willing to give up what he desired to follow Gods’ calling for his life.

Preparing for Battle

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, “You can only learn what obedience is by obeying.” Do ONE of the following personal applications within the next 72 hours:

  • Pray through Psalm 19:12-13 and 139:23-24. Ask God to show you any area in which you are not living in radical obedience, confess it, and ask him to fill you with faith to obey by His Spirit.
  • Ask your wife or best friend, “Is there anything about me that suggests I am not committed to radical obedience?” Do not respond or defend yourself, just listen. Prayerfully meditate on their answer.

Pray, “Jesus, I will do anything you want me to do.” Write it down and look at it every day for a month or so. Review yesterday, relate it to today.

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